Fresenius Kabi

Fresenius Kabi needed to relocate its main activity, the production and distribution of drugs and therefore RAP Invest concluded at the end of 2016 a “long term” pre-lease contract, in which the main terms were that RAP Invest would design and build, according to the beneficiary’s requirements, a pharmaceutical warehouse on a land of approx. 5000 sqm, located in Ghimbav.


Fresenius Kabi Romania SRL



Construction type
Warehouse, Offices

Ghimbav, Brașov

Built surface
2.561 sqm (575 sqm office space)


The building had to strictly comply with GDP (Good distribution practice) requirements of the pharmaceutical industry regarding the quality of the materials, the flooring, provision of all utilities, specific storage conditions – with controlled temperature and humidity, specific fire protection and mitigation capacities, as well as external areas for cargo, dock ramps, etc. Additionally, a P+2 office area was developed, to serve the warehouse.

In the first part of 2017, the design and authorization was carried out in accordance with the Fresenius technical theme, and in the second part, the actual construction was carried out. This phase was completed in September 2018 and handed over to the beneficiary for use.

Subsidiaries of the RAP Group, RAP Development participated in this project, as Builder and General Contractor, in partnership with RAP Instal, the company that developed all the internal and external installations of the building, as well as RAP Tronic, which provided the fire reserve of the project.

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